Monthly Archives: June 2015


Which Sippy Cup Is Easy To Drink From?

There must be a trillion me too sippy cups out there on the market to choose from today.  And there seems to be more choices available today than when my 2 children were babies 10 years ago.  However, with all the sippy cups available it’s still a struggle to find the perfect sippy cup with the right flow.  I didn’t know much about the right flow or anything else about sippy cups when I bought my first one for my son.  All I knew was that it was not suppose to leak and make a mess.  My first sippy cup came with a valve to make the cup spill-proof but my child had to struggle for a drop of fluid.  Meaning he had to suck very hard each time for fluid.  Over sucking can make your jaw muscles very sore.   The right flow should be where kids don’t  have to constantly suck for each drop of fluid.

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