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Why Are Sippy Cups Hard to Drink From

Most spilled-proof sippy cups the on market today come with a valve to prevent spills and leaks.  However, most of them are difficult to drink from because it requires a ton of sucking for a small amount of liquid.  Is the trade-off worth it for a spilled-proof cup (less mess for parents) when your child is hungry or very thirsty and his/her needs are not met right away?  Ihave tried myself to drink from a sippy cup and it was  not fun at all because I had to suck and suck which left my jaws soared.  Not only my jaws got soared but the muscles in my neck hurt from constant sucking.  Drinking from a regular cup without a lid is not that way and this can be confusing when using a sippy cup vs a regular cup.

Poli sippy cup features an adjustable valve where parents can adjust the right flow for their child.  Every child’s preference is a little different when it comes to flow rate.  Our patented valve is built in on the inside of the spout.  Some kids prefer a slow flow and others might prefer a faster flow.  The easy and faster flow is easier to drink from because it requires very little suction.  The faster flow can be used for thicker fluid such as formula and smoothies.  The valve never gets lost and cleans easily in the dishwasher or with a sea sponge.

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Poli Sippy Cup Grows With Your Child

Are you a parent looking for a versatile sippy cup that can grow with your child from from baby to toddlerhood stage?  Look no further – Poli sippy cup is the solution to help moms simplify their life by saving them time and money.   Many moms are using Poli sippy cups while their babies are still on formula but are ready to transition from bottle to cup.  Formula is a thicker fluid than milk and most traditional sippy cups with the valve insert have a narrow passageway which makes it difficult for thicker fluids to pass through.  Our patented valve is built in and parents can adjust the flow rate from slow to fast depending on the liquid type.  Pushing the valve down will create a slower flow and pushing it up will open up the passage way and allow for thick liquids such as formula to pass through.  Orange juice with pulp works well too with our sippy cup.  On top of that parents don’t have to worry about bacteria hiding and turning to mold with our easy clean design.  The valve completely opens up exposing every nook and cranny for a thorough scrub in the dishwasher but won’t get lost.  They are attached to the inside of the lid to help save time looking for them and losing them too – hallelujah!  Finally, moms can have more Ease + FUN instead of cleaning sippy cups with stuck milk residue and sticky juice.  No more losing your mind over a lost part or having to buy a new cup because of mold.   Best of all, Poli cups are made in America (every single cup part in made in Cali.).

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