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Belly Ballot Makes Baby-Naming Fun

It’s been over 9 years since I had my second baby and naming her was a breeze because the name Emma was already picked before she came into my womb.  But things have changed a lot since then with social media and websites available today.  Now parents can crowdsource their baby’s name or narrow down the choices with the help of their contacts on social media.

Do you have a dozen popular names for your baby and can’t decide?  Would you let your family and friends choose a name for your sweet baby or maybe even consider to crowdsource the name?  These days parents have so many choices on how to name their baby.   If parents are very social beings , then look no further because Belly Ballot can  help parents choose the perfect name for their baby with the help of family and friends.  Belly Ballot makes baby-naming fun and easy by allowing the parents-to-be social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have a vote.  And if parents need some help and inspiration, Belly Ballot can help compile that list of names with their top lists ranging from  aristocrat to rockstar names or by ethnicity.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up the process: 1) Pick 5 favorite names for your Belly Ballot 2)Invite family and friend to vote. More votes=cool prizes!  3) Announce your final choice on Facebook and Twitter.  How fun and simple is that?  This week a luck parent will win a 3 pack of Poli cups on Belly Ballot with the most votes.  With the help of Belly Ballot I’m sure parents-to-be will have the perfect name for their new baby.  Good luck and have fun!



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