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· 100% break-proof and spill-proof
· 100% safe BPA/phthalates-free materials
· 100% non-toxic ink used for art work and long lasting
· FDA approved food-grade materials with no chemical odors
· Materials sourced in the USA and Europe (ink for decoration)

Sippy Comparison


· Fun & engaging nursery rhymes your child will love
· Bond with your child anywhere singing nursery rhymes
· Beautiful and original hand drawn nursery rhyme art work
· Nursery rhymes has been proven to promote early reading skills

Teachable Moment


· Perfect size for tiny hands to hold and fits all cup holders
· Parents adjusts the perfect valve flow for picky tots who like it their way
. Patented easy clean design prevents mold and bacteria hiding in the valve
· Small parts are secured on the lid; no more lost parts and a cluttered drawer
· Soft chew resistant spout help soothes baby's tender gums and last 100x's longer

How to Clean


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