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How to Transition Your Baby to Sippy Cup Quickly


Tips for Transitioning Your Baby to a Sippy Cup

Many new and experienced parents alike are curious as to when the ideal time is to start their baby on a sippy cup or training cup. Some parents start their babies early on and others wait until their baby is moving from bottle/breast at a year. Sippy cups can be a great way for your baby to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. Using a sippy cup can also improve hand-to-mouth coordination and development of motors skills.  Here are a few tips to help you transition your baby to a sippy cup:

· When to Start Transitioning to a Sippy Cup—The American Academy of Family Physicians encourages parents to introduce the sippy cup at six months of age in preparation for weaning from the bottle or breast at 12 months. Go ahead and try your baby with a sippy at 6 months but keep in mind that they may not be ready for a couple more months. And just like with any new skill, it takes time, practice, and patience.

· How to Know When Baby is Ready—The key to baby’s readiness is the development of a good strong fist grasp and the ability to easily move things from the hand to the mouth. But keep in mind that using a sippy cup requires much more than simply picking up an object and putting it into one’s mouth. It’s a good idea to let baby play with it and get used to it, not expecting them to fully drink from it for some time. Model the sippy cup for them so they can see how it’s done and more easily understand the concept.

· What Sippy Cups Work Best—All babies are different. Some take to the sippy cup immediately and have no issues with the spout and valve that prevent spilling while others have a harder time with the sucking. You may want to invest in a couple types of cups for your baby to try out. Even consider trying a sippy cup that has a straw. Important things to look for are sippy cups that are BPA, phthalate and lead-free, pieces that come apart for easy cleaning (so bacteria and mold cannot get trapped), a chew-resistant spout, no small parts, and a lid for travel.

· Do Not Drink and Toddle—Some parents allow their tots to constantly have a sippy cup within arm’s reach anticipating dire thirst. However, constant access to a sippy cup containing juice, formula or breast milk can create a new set of problems from filling up on liquids to issues with teeth. It’s best to offer the sippy cup throughout the day rather than allowing constant access. If your baby is very young and not speaking, teach them the sign language hand motion for “drink” and practice showing them the sippy cup equals a drink when they’re thirsty.

· What to Put in the Sippy Cup—The best drink to put in your baby’s sippy cup is water. It’s also ok to offer breastmilk/formula, but it’s a great idea to start your baby with water when they’re young. Some parents use this opportunity to offer juice, but if you do opt for juice, make sure it’s watered down considerably (1 part juice to at least 3 parts water). Instead of store bought fruit juice, you can also make your own homemade flavored water using real fruit and water. Pick ripe fruits like peaches, mangos, and blueberries. Try one fruit at a time with the water to confirm your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the fruit. No more than 4 ounces of juice or less per day.

belly ballot

Belly Ballot Makes Baby-Naming Fun

It’s been over 9 years since I had my second baby and naming her was a breeze because the name Emma was already picked before she came into my womb.  But things have changed a lot since then with social media and websites available today.  Now parents can crowdsource their baby’s name or narrow down the choices with the help of their contacts on social media.

Do you have a dozen popular names for your baby and can’t decide?  Would you let your family and friends choose a name for your sweet baby or maybe even consider to crowdsource the name?  These days parents have so many choices on how to name their baby.   If parents are very social beings , then look no further because Belly Ballot can  help parents choose the perfect name for their baby with the help of family and friends.  Belly Ballot makes baby-naming fun and easy by allowing the parents-to-be social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have a vote.  And if parents need some help and inspiration, Belly Ballot can help compile that list of names with their top lists ranging from  aristocrat to rockstar names or by ethnicity.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up the process: 1) Pick 5 favorite names for your Belly Ballot 2)Invite family and friend to vote. More votes=cool prizes!  3) Announce your final choice on Facebook and Twitter.  How fun and simple is that?  This week a luck parent will win a 3 pack of Poli cups on Belly Ballot with the most votes.  With the help of Belly Ballot I’m sure parents-to-be will have the perfect name for their new baby.  Good luck and have fun!



Why Are Sippy Cups Hard to Drink From

Most spilled-proof sippy cups the on market today come with a valve to prevent spills and leaks.  However, most of them are difficult to drink from because it requires a ton of sucking for a small amount of liquid.  Is the trade-off worth it for a spilled-proof cup (less mess for parents) when your child is hungry or very thirsty and his/her needs are not met right away?  Ihave tried myself to drink from a sippy cup and it was  not fun at all because I had to suck and suck which left my jaws soared.  Not only my jaws got soared but the muscles in my neck hurt from constant sucking.  Drinking from a regular cup without a lid is not that way and this can be confusing when using a sippy cup vs a regular cup.

Poli sippy cup features an adjustable valve where parents can adjust the right flow for their child.  Every child’s preference is a little different when it comes to flow rate.  Our patented valve is built in on the inside of the spout.  Some kids prefer a slow flow and others might prefer a faster flow.  The easy and faster flow is easier to drink from because it requires very little suction.  The faster flow can be used for thicker fluid such as formula and smoothies.  The valve never gets lost and cleans easily in the dishwasher or with a sea sponge.

Poli Sippy Cup Grows With Your Child

Are you a parent looking for a versatile sippy cup that can grow with your child from from baby to toddlerhood stage?  Look no further – Poli sippy cup is the solution to help moms simplify their life by saving them time and money.   Many moms are using Poli sippy cups while their babies are still on formula but are ready to transition from bottle to cup.  Formula is a thicker fluid than milk and most traditional sippy cups with the valve insert have a narrow passageway which makes it difficult for thicker fluids to pass through.  Our patented valve is built in and parents can adjust the flow rate from slow to fast depending on the liquid type.  Pushing the valve down will create a slower flow and pushing it up will open up the passage way and allow for thick liquids such as formula to pass through.  Orange juice with pulp works well too with our sippy cup.  On top of that parents don’t have to worry about bacteria hiding and turning to mold with our easy clean design.  The valve completely opens up exposing every nook and cranny for a thorough scrub in the dishwasher but won’t get lost.  They are attached to the inside of the lid to help save time looking for them and losing them too – hallelujah!  Finally, moms can have more Ease + FUN instead of cleaning sippy cups with stuck milk residue and sticky juice.  No more losing your mind over a lost part or having to buy a new cup because of mold.   Best of all, Poli cups are made in America (every single cup part in made in Cali.).

Check out the reviews on Amazon about Poli sippy cups.



Which Sippy Cup Is Easy To Drink From?

There must be a trillion me too sippy cups out there on the market to choose from today.  And there seems to be more choices available today than when my 2 children were babies 10 years ago.  However, with all the sippy cups available it’s still a struggle to find the perfect sippy cup with the right flow.  I didn’t know much about the right flow or anything else about sippy cups when I bought my first one for my son.  All I knew was that it was not suppose to leak and make a mess.  My first sippy cup came with a valve to make the cup spill-proof but my child had to struggle for a drop of fluid.  Meaning he had to suck very hard each time for fluid.  Over sucking can make your jaw muscles very sore.   The right flow should be where kids don’t  have to constantly suck for each drop of fluid.


Poli sippy cup is fit for royalty! What a great milestone for Poli sippy cup to be featured as one of the top must-have gifts for Princess Charlotte.  It was a fabulous TV segment for Poli which highlighted several important key benefits about our product.   I’m very grateful for this opportunity as I know it will open up new doors for Poli to greater and bigger things.  All I have is faith which keeps me going instead of quitting because it’s dang hard to run a business when you have little kids and then to have to compete with a trillion cheap me too sippy cups from China.

Wally Amos (founder of The Cookie Kahuna and former owner of Wally Amos Cookie) inspires me to not quit when things get very daunting and challenging.  Not a single day goes by when I don’t secretly wish to have a more simple life like the other moms I know, having a new car or going on a vacation.  Most of our money and savings for the last seven years has gone into funding this invention.  What has kept me going is my passion to create a unique sippy cup unlike anything out there and done in America.  Recently,  I read this from Wally in his article “Don’t Quit”:  “One thought that is always uppermost in my mind is this:  If I stop I am sure to lose everything I have invested in my idea.  I don’t know what may happen or whom I may meet if I just keep going one more second, one more day or one more week.  It is impossible to know who is heading my way with a piece of my answer.  I constantly remind myself there are no facts concerning the future.  It is always in the process of development.”  If i drop out, I lose my place.  After reading this Wally helped restore my faith because I really didn’t think I could do it anymore.  A few days later I received an email from my publicist that Poli was approved for the TV segment (mentioned above).  I do believe in divine intervention as God likes to test our faith (it does get out of control sometimes).  I have everything to gain and nothing to lose if I just stay the course.  Life is about living, not quitting.  Success is mine if I claim it.  I claim my SUCCESS.

Just recently I came across this quote “Man plans and God laughs.”  I thought about it for a good while and it does make perfect sense.  I am working on my new mantra “Let go, let God”  Behind my will is God’s will.  Namaste.

Mom Creates a Brand New Sippy Cup


Creating a an easy-to-clean, easy-to-sip, and no parts to lose, sippy cup is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life!

Why is it so hard to create a product?  Well…having to figure out everything on my own is very  painful….as you go through tons of trials and experiences flying solo.  Rarely anyone  in the industry can give you a reassuring (let alone confirm) answer on anything because everything is theory until it’s tested.  Also, manufacturing guidance is not as readily available in the US as in China or other third world countries.  Many plastic manufacturers were closing their doors after the financial collapsed in 2009 which made it even harder.  Finding a good manufacturer in Southern California was very difficult for me because the sippy cup parts need to fit perfectly together to seal the liquid inside and achieve an easy flow for babies to drink form easily.  Most traditional sippy cups have very little flow and the baby must use their jaw to really suck hard to get any liquid.   After sucking a while their jaws get sore (you can try it yourself to see) and maybe that’s why many toddlers (mine too) end up throwing their sippy cups on the floor or across the room out of frustration.


After so many distractions with my website hacked and kids getting lice I finally have time for my blog.  Both unforeseen incidents a foray for me took most of my time to take care of.  Luckily, my wonderful web developer had it up and running right away and didn’t bill me for his time.  I hope he understands how much I appreciate him for helping out a mommy who is just starting her business.  There were broken links and somehow the hacker was pretty sophisticated to figure out how to go about the back end and post a disturbing picture on my blog!  We have installed an anti-hacker plugin to keep hackers away.


I’ve been contemplating for a while on what to write about on my blog. At first, I thought I would write mainly about family, baby stuff and Poli sippy cup. After meditating, I got my answer — it would be about all those things and my journey of starting a product all by myself. Tons of blogs out there talk about family and baby stuff, which are important, but the Universe told me there is no one out there blogging about creating a Poli sippy cup.

On my blog, I will be honest and raw with all the details about following through with your own invention — the good, the bad and the ugly. I will also focus on how I stayed resilient during the challenging times when I was close to quitting. I’m glad I didn’t though, because fast forward eight years later I have a product I’m thrilled to share with the world. I hope to spread the word about our amazing product all over the world through blogging but more importantly, I hope I can inspire women all over the world to pursue their dreams.


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