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Customer Testinomials

We just got our first poli sippy cup and we have fallen in love with it. It has been great for our 1 year old. First, it is skinnier than some of the other sippy cups, which has made it easier for our 1 year old to hold onto. We love the child proof locking lid and the lid cover that keeps it clean if you plan to take it with you. It also seems very durable and I don't imagine when those baby teeth start coming in that she will be able chew off the sippy end like has happened with so many other sippy cups we have owned before. Great Product!  Salmon

We had been looking long and hard for a sippy cup that the baby will use. I have many rejects in the closet. Baby took a liking to it right it away and can recognize his amongst others. It was easy to assemble after reading the directions. I love the fact that it is dishwasher safe. I have had not had any problems with leaks. It is also durable and has survived many drops from high chair and stroller. I would recommend to friends.  Amanda

I bought a Poli cup for my niece when she was born. She is five months old now and just started using it. Her mother went back to work and she went to a Nursery School. They were really worried about her nutrition because she refused to drink from a bottle. Oh No! What to do? They tried the Poli cup and she took right to it. She loved it. No one worries about her getting enough to eat now. I think my niece has great taste. And her mother and father are very happy now. Thanks Poli for making a great safe product that babies love.  Linda Pemberton

“I got this cup for my daughter a few weeks ago, and it is the only cup she uses. I love that the cover fits perfectly at the bottom, so that it doesn't get lost. It is easy to wash and assemble. Doesn't spill, very resistant. My daughter has drop it a few times and it is intact. In other words my daughter and I love this Poli Sippy cup!!!!!!!”


“I love Poli sippy cup the creator is GENIUS, Finally someone got it right. I have been looking for a Sippy cup that would actually not spill as most others that i spent a ton of money on said they guaranteed. Poli actually stands behind their spill proof promise. It is very easy to grip for both my 2 year old and my almost 8 month old can get his tiny hands around it for a good grip and they both just LOVE IT. I didn't find it hard to clean at all (maybe i am just that strong). There are no parts to get lost and then have to spend more money on replacing, or end up having to purchase a whole new cup. We love that it was created by a Mom and that it is made here in the USA so we don't have to worry about any weird stuff or the art work being toxic. I highly recommend this sippy cup to all. we will definitely continue purchasing when we need to replace or just have extra for Grandma's.”



“We received one of these from a friend at our baby shower and didn't get to use it right away, but now I'm happy to report it works great!


Cleaning: I treat this like a regular cup and lid, top shelf of the dishwasher. Glad to be done with the bottles, clutch, et cetera.There's also only the lid and cup. Childproof opening: Our son has figured out a startling number of ways to get into things he shouldn't but hasn't figured out the squeeze/twist which feels almost akin to pharmacy bottles but just slightly easier.

No leaks: So that childproof seal has an added benefit of not leaking water all around the edges of the lid.

Hydrating: The spout actually allows an easy flow so baby can get sufficient water without struggling.

Durable: Not sure what it's made of but it is thick and has taken quite a few falls from the high chair.

Visual: My son recognizes it as HIS cup and seems to like the picture.

BPA free. I know all the pediatrician pamphlets we get say to avoid BPA so I'm glad that is advertised though to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what BPA is/does.


Not really and I can think of, but it does say 8 months +. Every baby is different and my son needed cups with handles (not included) at 8 months and has only been able to use at about 10 months old.

The "spout" piece was difficult to get in the first time but if you watch the instruction video it said to add a little water and when I did, it slipped right in easy.


Great cup to have, at the appropriate age.”




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