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Poli Q & A

1.  What makes a Poli sippy cup unique?

The 2 spout parts are easy to clean for moms.  Moms don’t have to worry about trapped bacteria which can turn to mold if not cleaned adequately. The 2 parts are attached to the lid so you will never lose them in the dishwasher or obscure places. The easy to sip allows lil ones to stay hydrated without a lot of sucking.


2.  What is the difference between spill-proof and no leaking?

Spilled-proof is when the entire content doesn’t spill out. No leaking is basically small drops of liquid can’t escaped out of a sippy cup when upside down, shaken or on its side.


3. Does Poli guarantee leak-proof with an easy flow?

We only guaranteed spill-proof when the cup is assembled correctly. However, most moms find small drops of water drip out of the spout when their child shakes the cup hard upside down or on its side with an easy or fast flow.  A slower flow can be created by pushing the valve down with a small fork or a toothpick (closes the valve) to prevent a drippy spout.  No leaking should occur between the lid and cup threads.

4.  Does Poli sell spout replacements

Spouts are guarantee for one year.  After that it’s a flat charge of $5 and includes shipping.


5.  Why don’t the tabs work very well?

The tabs don’t consistently work well because we have switched to a break-proof material. Just line the tabs close together for a good seal but don’t try to force the top tab to pass over. We will be phasing out the tab lock feature soon.


6.  Where are Poli Sippy Cups made?

All Poli sippy parts are made in Riverside, California at Advanced Engineering. The shop has been around since the early 70’s. We are thankful they are still around and can deliver quality parts for Poli.


7.  Why are the cups expensive?

The wage in California is much higher than most states in America. Poli sippy cups go through a secondary operation for welding the button on the post and decoration. Decorating is very expensive and we use high quality non-toxic decals from Baltimore. They import the ink from Belgium. There is no lead detected in the test. However, the decals from China used for decorating children’s cups do have small traces of lead.  I know because I tested the Chinese decals myself at a local health department.  Every material we use to produce the cup parts are made with quality inspection from America or Europe.


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