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Poli sippy cup is fit for royalty! What a great milestone for Poli sippy cup to be featured as one of the top must-have gifts for Princess Charlotte.  It was a fabulous TV segment for Poli which highlighted several important key benefits about our product.   I’m very grateful for this opportunity as I know it will open up new doors for Poli to greater and bigger things.  All I have is faith which keeps me going instead of quitting because it’s dang hard to run a business when you have little kids and then to have to compete with a trillion cheap me too sippy cups from China.

Wally Amos (founder of The Cookie Kahuna and former owner of Wally Amos Cookie) inspires me to not quit when things get very daunting and challenging.  Not a single day goes by when I don’t secretly wish to have a more simple life like the other moms I know, having a new car or going on a vacation.  Most of our money and savings for the last seven years has gone into funding this invention.  What has kept me going is my passion to create a unique sippy cup unlike anything out there and done in America.  Recently,  I read this from Wally in his article “Don’t Quit”:  “One thought that is always uppermost in my mind is this:  If I stop I am sure to lose everything I have invested in my idea.  I don’t know what may happen or whom I may meet if I just keep going one more second, one more day or one more week.  It is impossible to know who is heading my way with a piece of my answer.  I constantly remind myself there are no facts concerning the future.  It is always in the process of development.”  If i drop out, I lose my place.  After reading this Wally helped restore my faith because I really didn’t think I could do it anymore.  A few days later I received an email from my publicist that Poli was approved for the TV segment (mentioned above).  I do believe in divine intervention as God likes to test our faith (it does get out of control sometimes).  I have everything to gain and nothing to lose if I just stay the course.  Life is about living, not quitting.  Success is mine if I claim it.  I claim my SUCCESS.

Just recently I came across this quote “Man plans and God laughs.”  I thought about it for a good while and it does make perfect sense.  I am working on my new mantra “Let go, let God”  Behind my will is God’s will.  Namaste.

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