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After so many distractions with my website hacked and kids getting lice I finally have time for my blog.  Both unforeseen incidents a foray for me took most of my time to take care of.  Luckily, my wonderful web developer had it up and running right away and didn’t bill me for his time.  I hope he understands how much I appreciate him for helping out a mommy who is just starting her business.  There were broken links and somehow the hacker was pretty sophisticated to figure out how to go about the back end and post a disturbing picture on my blog!  We have installed an anti-hacker plugin to keep hackers away.

The lice experience was interesting as I have never had lice growing up or when I taught elementary school for ten years.  I looked up on the internet about alternative treatments for lice besides the kits which are made with chemicals (similar to pesticides).  We ended making a holistic remedy  using what what I had in my home which was basically organic coconut/oregano oil.  I mixed about 10 tablespoons of coconut oil with 10 drops of oregano oil.  It was a warm day so I didn’t have to melt the coconut oil.  I soaked their hair with the treatment and then covered their heads with a shower cap to suffocate them.  Left it on for 12 hours until the nits were combed out with a flea comb.  My little girl has very long hair so I had to pin most of her hair up leaving some in the back of her neck to comb the treatment through to get the nits out easier.  I bought a flea comb at the pet store and saved $20 not buying the lice kit with all the chemicals.  Each time I let a little bit of hair down to comb the treatment through until the entire hair is combed through.  We saw nits and tiny black critters on the comb which was pretty wild.  Her brother was so much easier with short hair.  We got pretty much 98% of the lice out of the hair.  The nits are awful because they are practically glued on the hair follicle.  Whatever was left on the hair I went in and pulled out the nits with my fingers.  It was very time consuming and the kids did not enjoy it one bit.  I also had to give myself a treatment too.  All bedding sheets, pillows, hats, teddy bears had to be washed or quarantined.  It was a 10 hour event with 3 hair washings for each person. They missed one day of school and were allowed to go back the next day with a few nits left in their hair but no live critters.  Before all nits had to be removed before going back to school.

I hope by next week I can get into a regular routine and continue writing about my journey with developing Poli Sippy Cup.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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