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Which Sippy Cup Is Easy To Drink From?

There must be a trillion me too sippy cups out there on the market to choose from today.  And there seems to be more choices available today than when my 2 children were babies 10 years ago.  However, with all the sippy cups available it’s still a struggle to find the perfect sippy cup with the right flow.  I didn’t know much about the right flow or anything else about sippy cups when I bought my first one for my son.  All I knew was that it was not suppose to leak and make a mess.  My first sippy cup came with a valve to make the cup spill-proof but my child had to struggle for a drop of fluid.  Meaning he had to suck very hard each time for fluid.  Over sucking can make your jaw muscles very sore.   The right flow should be where kids don’t  have to constantly suck for each drop of fluid.

Have you ever tried drinking out of the sippy cups that come with a valve to stop leaks?   It’s awful because it takes so much energy to obtain  a drop of fluid and then leaves your jaws sore from all the sucking.  Imagine your poor babes doing this and not being able to communicate but instead they throw their cups across the room out of frustration because they are thirsty.  My son used to throw them from his high chair constantly at every snack and mealtime.  I thought he was just trying to be funny and get my attention.  It wasn’t until later with our second baby I figured it out he couldn’t get the fluid out fast enough to satisfy his thirst.  Every time I open his sippy cup to clean it I noticed he hadn’t really drank much from it.  It was then I figured (when I tried it) it was too hard to get anything out of it.

A good sippy cup should have a steady flow but not wet the child when drinking from it.   However, most of the sippy cups with a valve don’t have a good steady flow and parents would have to purchase a valveless sippy cup for the easy flow but can be messy with spills.  Straw sippy cups are a good option for the easy flow  but the cleaning is quite insane and almost impossible.  Hidden nooks and crannies where it’s  difficult to clean can get moldy.  I know I don’t have time or extra money to replace a new sippy cup every other week due to mold.

I quit my teaching job to create a better sippy cup for families after trying out every sippy cup on the market (straw sippy cups too) and not finding one that was easy to use, clean, and drink from.  Literally, I  spent 7 years of my life and my own money  to create a sippy cup that is easy to use, clean and drink from.  Poli sippy cup is a brand new cup that is perfect for lil ones to drink from and hold easily.  Plus, parents don’t have to look for those transparent valve parts anymore or lose them.  And cleaning is a snap with all the surface area exposed so mold can’t grow.

Yes, it was worth the struggle to create Poli, an easy to clean sippy cup for moms to have more Ease + Fun.  No more fussing over lost parts and cleaning.  And babes can sip easily while singing a rhyme or two. I’m seeing babes as young as 6 months drinking out of a Poli cup because it’s so easy to sip their milk or favorite juice and for their tiny fingers to grasp the cup.  Of course, if I had a crystal ball to show me what it was going to be like to invent this product, I might have had second thoughts…So glad I didn’t have that crystal ball!

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